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Buying Advice from an Independent Car Dealer

By: Scott McBride - Updated: 28 Jun 2010 | comments*Discuss
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Independent used car salesmen who model themselves on Arthur Daley are few and far between these days. Competition is fierce when it comes to selling cars and independent dealers are keen to offer a sleek, professional service that rivals that of the franchised dealers. Trevor Baker has sold hundreds of cars for a busy independent dealer in the Midlands and has plenty of advice for buyers.

Why Should a Buyer Consider an Independent Dealer as Opposed to, Say, a Franchised Dealer?
Answer: “For one thing, the independent dealers aren’t linked to any specific car manufacturers in the way that the franchised dealers are, so there tends to be a wider choice of used cars on show. Also, as a rule the franchised dealers will only stock nearly new used cars, whereas the independent dealers will stock older cars. This makes it easier for buyers who are on a tight budget. Yes, a lot of the cars may have a few more miles on the clock, and yes some of them may be in less-than-perfect condition, but all of that will be reflected in the price.”

When it Comes to Price, How Much Room is There for Negotiation With an Independent Dealer?
Answer: “Different dealers work in different ways. Some will put low prices on the cars to pull the customers in and won’t haggle too much. Others bump the price a little and leave some room for negotiation. In general, a buyer should not just accept the asking price on the car with no questions asked. Try to haggle with the dealer, as it may be possible to get the price reduced or to get a few extras included, like a warranty, that will save money. Remember that if you don’t ask, you won’t get, as the dealer wants to get the best price possible for the car and will happy take the asking price if the customer is willing to pay it.”

How do Buyers Know When They Have the Best Possible Deal?
Answer: “It’s really important that customers do their homework before going anywhere near a dealer. Decide on the type of car wanted, not just the make and model but whether it’s an estate, hatchback or four-wheel drive. Think about the extras that are needed too, such as power steering and electric windows. Then the customer can do a bit of research on the internet and find out what the going rate is for such a car. That way the customer knows what a good price is before he gets to the dealer’s forecourt.”

What is the Top Tip for People Who Want to Buy a Car From an Independent Dealer?
Answer: “Decide on a budget and stick to it. Car dealers can be very persuasive and countless times during my career I’ve seen customers arrive looking to buy a fairly modestly priced car and leave having bought a far newer, more expensive model. In a way, it’s pretty easy for the dealers to sell the more expensive cars because these are the ones that have better performance and are crammed with extras, but the customer won’t enjoy all the power and gadgets if they can’t afford them, so be sensible.”

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Where online second-hand car trade is concerned, sales are ongoing to augment strongly. Why? The main cause is the growing acceptance of internet car trade and the expediency of purchasing online as well as serious efforts from online service providers - like online used car auctions - to create a most of trust throughout the sales procedure. And let's be honest, the major problem for internet trading has been belief. Purchasing small goods on the net is one thing, but purchasing a car is something totally different. Cars can have many concealed flaws, that is why car traders usually want to examine a vehicle properly before they buy it. However, when you buy a car online, that is frequently not a opportunity. So you have to belief the skill of someone else. You have to rely on the information that the information given is accurate. And let's features it, the used car trade has a bit of a bad standing. Or do you belief all used car salesmen?
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